Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit Manual (en)

Preparing Sample Images
PSE uses a sample image to perform the various adjustments and save 
the adjusted results as an original Picture Style file. For this reason, a 
sample image 
 to be used for this purpose needs to be prepared in 
advance and saved on your computer.
The settings performed in PSE are saved as a Picture Style file 
which is separate from the sample image, and the sample image used 
to perform the adjustments is not affected at all.
Starting up PSE
Double-click the [Picture Style Editor] icon on the 
The main window 
(Description on the right)
 appears when PSE 
starts up.
Opening a Sample Image
Open a sample image and perform various adjustments with that image 
as a basis.
Noise reduction to the sample images may be applied by PSE included 
in EOS Solution Disk Ver.26 or later.
Drag and drop a sample image to the main window.
The sample image is displayed in the main window with the 
camera settings at the time of shooting.
The [Tool palette] appears.
Drag and drop
If you open an image as a sample image with PSE, the shot 
settings on the camera will appear in the image. However, the 
Auto Lighting Optimizer settings will not appear.
If you adjust a RAW image in DPP and then open it as a sample 
image with PSE, the adjustments made in DPP will not appear in 
the image.