Canon EOS Rebel T5i 18-55mm IS STM Lens Kit Manual (en)

Print up to 1000 images at a time
You can print up to 1000 images selected in DPP at a time. When 
printing more than 1000 images, divide the printing into several jobs. 
The printed image’s color is not what you expected
In the EPP EX window, select [Preferences] in the [File] menu and 
then click the [Advanced] tab in the [Preferences] window to display 
the [Advanced] tab sheet.
In the [Advanced] tab sheet, select [Enable ICC profile] in [Color 
correction for printing] and try printing using the [Perceptual] setting 
Printing with faithful colors
When the color space 
 is set to sRGB or Adobe RGB 
, this color space is automatically transmitted from DPP to EPP 
EX, allowing you to print with faithful colors.
When the color space is set to Apple RGB or ColorMatch RGB, the 
image is printed with an sRGB color space, and when set to Wide 
Gamut RGB, with an Adobe RGB color space. 
Printing with a wide color reproduction
When the color space setting 
 is set to Adobe RGB and 
the image is printed with a Canon inkjet printer, the color reproduction 
range is wider, and green and blue in particular are reproduced 
Additional information
Advantages of printing with EPP EX
DPP is also compatible for printing with Easy-PhotoPrint Pro 
You can perform the following types of photograph printing with Canon 
inkjet printers compatible with Easy-PhotoPrint (hereinafter, “EPP”):
Simple printing of RAW images
High quality printing using the color reproduction range of Adobe RGB 
and a Canon inkjet printer
To perform this printing, it is necessary to first install EPP version 3.5 or 
later on your computer. When using an Easy-PhotoPrint EX-compatible 
inkjet printer, it is recommended that you print using Easy-PhotoPrint EX 
Select the image to be printed.
Start up EPP.
Select the [File] menu  [Plug-in printing]  [Print with Easy-
EPP starts up.
Printing Photographs with Canon Inkjet 
Printers Compatible with Easy-PhotoPrint