Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

Editing Picture Styles Using Remote Live View Function
You can start up Picture Style Editor (software for creating Picture Style 
files) (hereinafter PSE) from EU and link with EU’s Remote Live View 
function. By linking PSE with EU’s Remote Live View function, you can 
edit a Picture Style while viewing the editing results in real time, and 
adjust the image quality more efficiently while editing. Versions of PSE 
compatible with this function are version 1.16.20 and later.
Follow the procedure from step 1 to step 3 for 
“Remote Live View Shooting” 
Click [Other Functions] and then [Edit Picture Style].
PSE starts up and the [Edit Picture Style] window (Remote Live 
View window for editing Picture Styles) appears.
Edit a Picture Style using PSE.
For details on editing Picture Styles using PSE, refer to the 
“Picture Style Editor Instruction Manual” (PDF electronic 
You cannot click the [
] button in PSE to specify colors you 
want to adjust on a Remote Live View image in EU.
The results of editing a Picture Style using PSE are shown in real 
time in the [Edit Picture Style] window. This allows you to edit a 
Picture Style while viewing the results.
While using this function, EU’s capture window and all camera 
functions are not available.
After editing is completed, it is recommended that you save the 
edits to your computer as a Picture Style file before going on to 
step 4. Picture Styles registered to the camera cannot be extracted 
and saved to your computer as Picture Style files. For details on 
saving Picture Style files, refer to the “Picture Style Editor 
Instruction Manual” (PDF electronic manual).
Click the [Register] button in the [Edit Picture Style] 
The [Register Picture Style] dialog box appears.
1D X Mk II
1D C
5D Mk IV
7D Mk II
Select and enter required items, and then click the 
[Register] button.
After selecting [User Def.], enter information in [Caption] and 
(Entry in [Caption] is essential.)
The edited Picture Style is registered to the camera when you 
click the [Register] button.
When you finish this function and then start it up again, the 
message [Continue editing from last time?] appears. You can 
select [Yes] to continue editing the last Picture Style.