Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Manual (en)

Confirming the Movie File Information
You can display and confirm shooting information for movie clips.
Click the [ 
 ] (Clip list) button in the control menu 
on the main window.
The [Clip list] dialog box appears.
Note that this function is available after you select a folder in 
which the movie files to be confirmed are saved. If no folder is 
selected, follow steps 1 to 2 in “Movie Clip Playback” 
select a folder.
In the [Clip list] dialog box, select a movie clip to 
display its shooting information.
Click the [ 
 ] (Shooting information) button in the 
control menu on the main window.
The shooting information is displayed in the [Shooting 
Information] window.
The shooting information includes the model name of the camera 
used, and the items displayed may differ depending on the 
settings used during shooting.