Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Manual (en)

On the [File name] tab, complete the settings as 
necessary and click the [OK] button.
The settings are now complete.
The settings for the [Shared] items are as follows:
• To name still image files or edit existing names, checkmark 
[Rename Files]. In [New file name], enter a name or change the 
existing name. File names can be up to 30 characters. Note 
that still image files cannot be renamed unless this option is 
checkmarked. In such a case, the file name will be the same 
with the original movie clip.
• To append a serial number to file names that indicates the 
number of times still images have been captured from a movie 
clip, checkmark [Include still image capture count]. In [Still 
image capture count], enter the first serial number, in the range 
• To reset the serial number in [Still image capture count] when 
you select another movie clip, checkmark [Reset the counter 
when a new clip is selected].
If the [Add the time code to the file name] checkbox of the 
[Capture single still image] item is checked, a time code is 
appended at the end of the file name when a single still image is 
If [Add the time code to the file name] is selected for the [Capture 
multiple still images (IN-OUT, Marker)] item, a time code is 
appended at the end of each file name when multiple still images 
are saved. When [Add a consecutive number to the file name] is 
selected, consecutive numbers are appended at the end the file