Canon EOS-1D X Mark II Manual (en)

If an error message appears, refer to the information below.
Cause and solution
Cannot write to the 
selected path.
The memory card specified for the save 
destination is write-protected. Insert a 
writable memory card.
Please enter 
consecutive numbers.
No consecutive numbering is entered. 
Enter an initial value for consecutive 
numbering when there are several movie 
clips with movie files to be merged.
The size of the file you 
are saving is not 
supported on the 
destination file system.
The file system specified for the save 
destination does not support the size of the 
file being saved. Change the save 
Sufficient consecutive 
numbers are not 
provided for the files.
Consecutive numbering for file names 
exceeds 99999. Change the value entered 
for numbering or the file save destination.
EOS MOVIE Utility has 
already started by other 
Log into the user account in Macintosh in 
which EOS MOVIE Utility is running, quit 
EOS MOVIE Utility, and start it up again.
4 GB or larger files may 
not be supported on the 
file system of output 
destination. Do you 
want to continue?
The merged movie file may not be saved to 
the drive where the save destination folder 
is located. Check that the file system 
specified for the save destination drive 
supports files of 4 GB or larger.
Could not merge 
because there was not 
enough available space.
There is insufficient space on the drive 
where the save destination folder is 
located. Create enough space or change 
the save destination, and then repeat the 
merge process.
Error Messages
The merge process has 
been failed.
Check that there is a save destination 
folder. If the save destination folder is on an 
external storage device, check that it is 
connected to the computer correctly.
Cause and solution