Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

List of aspect ratios (width : height)
Return to the main window.
The trimming range frame is displayed in the cropped image. 
When the cropped image is displayed in a preview window or the 
edit image window, it is displayed in its cropped form.
You can crop an image to any size, regardless of 
the selectable ratio.
[Custom]: You can crop an image at the specified ratio.
The trimmed range can be reverted to its original condition at 
any time
A cropped image is displayed or printed as a cropped image. 
However, since the image is not actually cropped, you can always 
revert to the original image by clicking the [
] button in the 
trimming/angle adjustment window or performing the “Re-Editing an 
Image” procedur
Display of the cropped image in each window
• Main window:
The frame showing the trimming range is 
displayed on the image 
• Preview window:
The image is displayed in its cropped condition.
• Edit image window: The thumbnail image is the same as the main 
window display, and the enlarged image is the 
same as the preview window display.
Printing a cropped image
You can print as a cropped image by printing it in DPP.
The image becomes a cropped image when converted and saved
The cropped RAW image actually becomes a cropped image when 
converted to a JPEG or TIFF image and saved 
Images that have aspect ratio set will be displayed as cropped 
When aspect ratio information is attached to a RAW image, the image 
will be displayed in the set trimming range based on the aspect ratio 
information. Since the image is not actually cropped, you can change 
the trimming range or revert to its condition before cropping.
However, when a JPEG image is shot in a [4:3], [16:9] or [1:1] aspect 
ratio set with the EOS 5D Mark III or EOS 6D, its trimming range 
cannot be changed or the image cannot be reverted to its condition 
before cropping, since the image is actually cropped and saved in the 
set trimming ratio.
When reverting to the trimming range that is based on the aspect ratio 
information at the time of shooting, click the [
] button. Also, if 
you want to cancel all the trimming range, click the [Clear] button.
Cropped images