Canon EOS-1D X Manual (en)

Color matching settings (color setting of the monitor)
Where a profile 
 is attached to the monitor you are using, you can 
display an image in more faithful colors by setting the profile.
If you select [Use the OS settings], the color profile set in Windows 
will also be applied in DPP. If you are using multiple monitors, the 
profile set for each monitor is applied to DPP.
Select the [Monitor profile], click the [Browse] button. You can 
select a profile for your monitor in the dialog box that appears.
If you use a profile created using a third-party monitor color reader, 
images can be displayed in even more precise colors.
Printing profile (color setting of the printer)
Where a profile is not attached to the printer you are using to print 
images, you can print an image, simulating the colors displayed on 
screen by setting the profile in DPP. 
Precise coloring with a third-party monitor color reader
When you set a profile for printing in DPP, set the color adjustment 
function of the printer driver to off. If it is left on, the image may not 
be printed in colors close to those displayed on screen.
Even if the default setting is changed, the new default setting is not 
applied to edited (i.e., adjusted using the tool palette, cropped, dust-
erased) images. Change the settings individually.
Changes are not applied to the edited image
You can set a color space that is different from the default settings
for each image 
You can set layout for screen display.
Thumbnail order
You can set the order of images which have been rearranged in the 
main window to be maintained or not maintained 
If you checkmark the checkbox, the order of the rearranged images is 
maintained even if you exit DPP or select another folder in the folder 
If you remove the check mark, the order of the rearranged images is not 
maintained and reverts to the previous order when you exit DPP or 
select another folder in the folder area.
Reset user interface
You can reset user interface settings.
Choose from either of 2 reset states.
By checkmarking the [Restore defaults at startup] checkbox, settings 
revert to their original settings for next time you start up DPP. The 
checkmark is also removed from the checkbox for the next startup.
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