Canon EOS Rebel T5 18-55 IS II Kit Manual (en)

Making Basic Adjustments to Image Characteristics
Use the [Basic] tab sheet in the [Tool palette] to make basic adjustments 
to image characteristics.
Select the [Basic] tab in the [Tool palette].
The [Basic] tab sheet appears.
Adjust the Gamma 
Characteristic for RGB 
Adjust Sharpness, Contrast, 
Color saturation, and Color 
Select a Picture Style to be 
used as a basis 
(this page)
Save a Picture Style file 
Load a Picture Style file 
(this page)
Select the Picture Style used as the basis of the adjustments from the 
five preset (except Auto or Monochrome) Picture Styles (Standard, 
Portrait, Landscape, Neutral and Faithful).
You can also register and use a Picture Style file effective for the scene 
that you have downloaded from Canon Web site.
Using a Downloaded Picture Style File 
Effective for the Scene
Select a Picture Style.
The selected Picture Style is applied to the image.
Click the [
] button.
The [Open Picture Style file] window appears.
Select a Picture Style file to be registered and click 
the [Open] button.
The selected Picture Style file is applied to the image.
Selecting a Picture Style to Be Used as a Basis
 can also be 
registered and used by following the procedure above.
Picture Style files compatible with PSE are files with the “.PF2” or 
“.PF3” extensions.