Canon CINE-SERVO 50-1000mm T5.0-8.9 PL Manual (ja, en, zh)

Handling the Product
1.  Do not get the product wet or allow liquid inside. If water gets inside, stop using the product 
immediately. Continuing to use the product in this condition may cause fi re or electric shock.  
2.  Do not stare at the sun or other bright objects through the lens. This may injure your eyes.
1.  Be careful not to drop the lens when carrying it. Dropping the lens may damage it or cause injury.  
2.  Ensure that all mountings are securely tightened. If a mounting becomes loose, parts may fall off 
and cause injury.  
3.  Always hold the connector itself when disconnecting the lens cable. Pulling on the cable may 
sever or damage it and pose a risk of fi re or electric shock from a short circuit.  
4.  Inspect mountings regularly (about every six months to one year) to ensure they are securely 
If a mounting becomes loose, parts may fall off and cause injury.  
5.  When service is required, contact Canon’s representative or your Canon dealer.
1.  Do not expose the lens to strong impact. Striking or dropping the lens may cause the malfunction.  
2.  The lens is not waterproof. 
Take measures to avoid direct contact with rain, snow, or moisture.  
3.  In dusty environments, cover the lens mount when attaching or removing the lens.  
4.  Take measures to avoid sudden changes in temperature where the lens is used, which may 
prevent operation temporarily if condensation forms in the lens.  
5.  Before use in particular environments, such as places where chemical products are used, contact 
your Canon representative.