Olympus M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 9-18mm F4.0-5.6 Instruction Manual (hr)

Lens hood mount 
:   Bayonet
Filter mount thread
diameter : 
52 mm (2.0 in.)
* Specifications are subject to change without 
any notice or obligation on the part of the 
Precautions: Be Sure to Read the Following
 Warnings: Safety Precautions
Do not view the sun through the lens. It may 
cause blindness or vision impairment.
Do not leave the lens without the cap. If solar 
light is converged through the lens, a fire may 
Do not point the camera lens at the sun.
Sunlight will converge in the lens and focus 
inside the camera, possibly causing a 
malfunction or fire.
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For customers in Europe
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product complies with the European 
requirements for safety, health, 
environment and customer 
protection. CE-mark products are for 
sale in Europe. 
European Technical Customer Support
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or call: Tel. 00800 - 67 10 83 00 (Toll-free)
+49 180 5 - 67 10 83 or 
+49 40 - 237 73 4899 (Charged)
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