Olympus FE-5010 Introduction Manual (en, fr, es, de, bg, cs, da, et, fi, el, hr, hu, it, lt, lv, nl, no, pl, pt, ro, ru, sv, sl, sk, tr, uk)

camera in this state, a low-temperature burn may be caused.
In places subject to extremely cold temperatures, the temperature of 
the camera’s body may be lower than the environmental temperature. If 
possible, wear gloves when handling the camera in cold temperatures.
Be careful with the strap.
Be careful with the strap when you carry the camera. It could easily catch 
on stray objects and cause serious damage.
Battery Handling Precautions
Follow these important guidelines to prevent batteries from leaking, 
overheating, burning, exploding, or causing electrical shocks or 
The camera uses a lithium ion battery specifi ed by Olympus. Charge the 
battery with the specifi ed charger. Do not use any other chargers.
Never heat or incinerate batteries.
Take precautions when carrying or storing batteries to prevent them 
from coming into contact with any metal objects such as jewelry, pins, 
fasteners, etc.
Never store batteries where they will be exposed to direct sunlight, or 
subjected to high temperatures in a hot vehicle, near a heat source, etc.
To prevent causing battery leaks or damaging their terminals, carefully follow 
all instructions regarding the use of batteries. Never attempt to disassemble 
a battery or modify it in any way, solder, etc.
If battery fl uid gets into your eyes, fl ush your eyes immediately with clear, 
cold running water and seek medical attention immediately.
Always store batteries out of the reach of small children. If a child 
accidentally swallows a battery, seek medical attention immediately.
Keep batteries dry at all times.
To prevent batteries from leaking, overheating, or causing a fi re or 
explosion, use only batteries recommended for use with this product.
Insert the battery carefully as described in the operating instructions.
If rechargeable batteries have not been recharged within the specifi ed time, 
stop charging them and do not use them.
Do not use a battery if it is cracked or broken.
If a battery leaks, becomes discolored or deformed, or becomes abnormal in 
any other way during operation, stop using the camera.
If a battery leaks fl uid onto your clothing or skin, remove the clothing and 
fl ush the affected area with clean, running cold water immediately. If the fl uid 
burns your skin, seek medical attention immediately.
Never subject batteries to strong shocks or continuous vibration.
Before loading, always inspect the battery carefully for leaks, discoloration, 
warping, or any other abnormality.
The battery may become hot during prolonged use. To avoid minor burns, 
do not remove it immediately after using the camera.
Always unload the battery from the camera before storing the camera for 
a long period.
For customers in Europe
“CE” mark indicates that this product complies with the 
European requirements for safety, health, environment 
and customer protection. “CE” mark cameras are 
intended for sales in Europe.
This symbol [crossed-out wheeled bin WEEE Annex 
IV] indicates separate collection of waste electrical and 
electronic equipment in the EU countries.
Please do not throw the equipment into the domestic 
Please use the return and collection systems available in 
your country for the disposal of this product.
This symbol [crossed-out wheeled bin Directive 
2006/66/EC Annex II] indicates separate collection of 
waste batteries in the EU countries.
Please do not throw the batteries into the domestic 
refuse. Please use the return and collection systems 
available in your country for the disposal of the waste 
Use Only Dedicated Rechargeable Battery and Battery Charger
We strongly recommend that you use only the genuine Olympus dedicated 
rechargeable battery and battery charger with this camera. Using a non-
genuine rechargeable battery and/or battery charger may result in fi re or 
personal injury due to leakage, heating, ignition or damage to the battery. 
Olympus does not assume any liability for accidents or damage that may 
result from the use of a battery and/or battery charger that are not genuine 
Olympus accessories.

Provisions of warranty
1  If this product proves to be defective, although it has been used properly 
(in accordance with the written “Safety Precautions” and Operating 
instructions supplied with it), during a period of two years from the date 
of purchase from an authorized Olympus distributor within the business 
area of Olympus Imaging Europa GmbH as stipulated on the website: 
http://www.olympus.com this product will be repaired, or at Olympus’s 
option replaced, free of charge. To claim under this warranty the customer 
must take the product and this Warranty Certifi cate before the end of the 
two year warranty period to the dealer where the product was purchased 
or any other Olympus service station within the business area of Olympus 
Imaging Europa GmbH as stipulated on the website: http://www.olympus.
com. During the one year period of the World Wide Warranty the customer 
may turn the product in at any Olympus service station. Please notice that 
not in all countries such Olympus service station exists.
2  The customer shall transport the product to the dealer or Olympus 
authorized service station at his own risk and shall be responsible for any 
costs incurred in transporting the product.
3  This warranty does not cover the following and the customer will be 
required to pay repair charge, even for defects occurring within the warranty 
period referred to above.
 Any defect that occurs due to mishandling (such as an operation 
performed that is not mentioned in the “Safety Precautions” or other 
sections of the instructions, etc.)
 Any defect that occurs due to repair, modifi cation, cleaning, etc. 
performed by anyone other than Olympus or an Olympus authorized 
service station.
Any defect or damage that occurs due to transport, a fall, shock, etc. 
after purchase of the product.
Any defect or damage that occurs due to fi re, earthquake, fl ood damage, 
thunderbolt, other natural disasters, environmental pollution and irregular 
voltage sources.
Any defect that occurs due to careless or improper storage (such as 
keeping the product under conditions of high temperature and humidity, 
near insect repellents such as naphthalene or harmful drugs, etc.), 
improper maintenance, etc.
Any defect that occurs due to exhausted batteries, etc.
Any defect that occurs due to sand, mud, etc. entering the inside of the 
product casing.
When this Warranty Certifi cate is not returned with the product.
When any alterations whatsoever are made to the Warranty Certifi cate 
regarding the year, month and date of purchase, the customer’s name, 
the dealer’s name, and the serial number.
When proof of purchase is not presented with this Warranty Certifi cate.
4  This Warranty applies to the product only; the Warranty does not apply 
to any other accessory equipment, such as the case, strap, lens cap and 
5  Olympus’s sole liability under this warranty shall be limited to repairing 
or replacing the product. Any liability for indirect or consequential loss or 
damage of any kind incurred or suffered by the customer due to a defect 
of the product, and in particular any loss or damage caused to any lenses, 
fi lms, other equipment or accessories used with the product or for any loss 
resulting from a delay in repair or loss of data, is excluded. Compelling 
regulations by law remain unaffected by this.
Notes regarding warranty maintenance
1  This warranty will only be valid if the Warranty Certifi cate is duly completed 
by Olympus or an authorized dealer or other documents contain suffi cient 
proof. Therefore, please make sure that your name, the name of the 
dealer, the serial number and the year, month and date of purchase are all 
completed or the original invoice or the sales receipt (indicating the dealer’s 
name, the date of purchase and product type) is attached to this Warranty 
Certifi cate. Olympus reserves the right to refuse free-of-charge service 
if neither Warranty Certifi cate is completed nor the above document is 
attached or if the information contained in it is incomplete or illegible.
2  Since this Warranty Certifi cate will not be re-issued, keep it in a safe place.
*  Please refer to the list on the website: http://www.olympus.com for the 
authorized international Olympus service network.
IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines 
Microsoft and Windows are registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
Macintosh is a trademark of Apple Inc.
xD-Picture Card™ is a trademark.
microSD is a trademark of the SD Association.
All other company and product names are registered trademarks and/or 
trademarks of their respective owners.
The standards for camera fi le systems referred to in this manual are the 
“Design rule for Camera File system/DCF” standards stipulated by the 
Japan Electronics and Information Technology Industries Association 

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