Olympus FE-45 Instruction Manual (en)

Shooting tips
When you are unsure of how to take a picture 
that you envision, refer to the information below.
“Focusing on the subject”
Taking a picture of a subject not in the center 
of the screen
After focusing on an object at the same distance 
as the subject, compose the shot, and take the 
Pressing the shutter button halfway (p. 14)
Taking a picture of subjects where autofocus 
is diffi cult
In the following cases, after focusing on an object 
(by pressing the shutter button halfway down) with 
high contrast at the same distance as the subject, 
compose the shot, and take the picture.
Subjects with low contrast
When extremely bright objects 
appear in the center of the 
Object with no vertical lines
  It is also effective to compose the shot by holding the 
camera vertically to focus, and then returning to the 
horizontal position to take the picture.
When objects are at different 
Fast-moving object
The subject is not in the center 
of the frame
Camera shake
“Taking pictures without camera shake”
Taking pictures using 
h mode (p. 18).
j (SPORT) in s mode (p. 17)
j (SPORT) mode uses a fast shutter speed 
and can reduce the blur incurred by a moving 
Taking pictures at a high ISO sensitivity.
If a high ISO sensitivity is selected, pictures can 
be taken at a high shutter speed even at locations 
where a fl ash cannot be used.
[ISO] (p. 25)
Exposure (brightness)
“Taking pictures with the right 
Taking pictures using [FACE DETECT] (p. 26)
Appropriate exposure is obtained for a face 
against backlight, and the face is brightened.
Taking pictures using [FILL IN] (p. 19) fl ash
A subject against backlight is brightened.
Taking pictures using exposure compensation 
(p. 20)
Adjust the brightness while viewing the screen 
for taking the picture. Normally, taking pictures of 
white subjects (such as snow) results in images 
that are darker than the actual subject. Use the 
F button to adjust in the positive (+) direction 
to express whites as they appear. When taking 
pictures of black subjects, on the other hand, it is 
effective to adjust in the negative (-) direction.