Olympus FE-45 Instruction Manual (en)

Battery Handling Precautions
Follow these important guidelines to 
prevent batteries from leaking, overheating, 
burning, exploding, or causing electrical 
shocks or burns.
Use only the Olympus brand NiMH batteries and 
proper fi tting charger.
Never heat or incinerate batteries.
Take precautions when carrying or storing 
batteries to prevent them from coming into contact 
with any metal objects such as jewelry, pins, 
fasteners, etc.
Never store batteries where they will be exposed 
to direct sunlight, or subjected to hightemperatures 
in a hot vehicle, near a heat source, etc.
To prevent causing battery leaks or damaging their 
terminals, carefully follow all instructions regarding 
the use of batteries. Never attempt to disassemble 
a battery or modify it in any way, solder, etc.
If battery fl uid gets into your eyes, fl ush your eyes 
immediately with clear, cold running water and 
seek medical attention immediately.
Always store batteries out of the reach of small 
children. If a child accidentally swallows a battery, 
seek medical attention immediately.
Keep batteries dry at all times.
To prevent batteries from leaking, overheating 
or causing a fi re or explosion, use only batteries 
recommended for use with this product.
Never mix batteries (old and new batteries, 
charged and uncharged batteries, batteries of 
different manufacture or capacity, etc.).
Never attempt to charge alkaline, lithium or CR-V3 
lithium battery packs.
Insert the battery carefully as described in the 
operating instructions.
Do not use batteries if their body is not covered by 
the insulating sheet or if the sheet is torn, as this 
may cause fl uid leaks, fi re or injury.
Do not remove batteries immediately after using 
the camera. Batteries may become hot during 
prolonged use.
Always unload the battery from the camera before 
storing the camera for a long period.

The following AA (R6) batteries cannot 
be used.
Batteries whose bodies are only partially or not 
at all covered by an insulating sheet.
Batteries whose 
- terminals are raised, but not 
covered by an insulating sheet.
Batteries whose 
- terminals are fl at and not 
completely covered by an insulating sheet. 
(Such batteries cannot be used even if the 
- terminals are partially covered.)
If NiMH batteries are not charged within the 
specifi ed time, stop charging them and do not 
use them.
Do not use a battery if it is cracked or broken.
If a battery leaks, becomes discolored, deformed 
or becomes abnormal in any other way during 
operation, stop using the camera.
If a battery leaks fl uid onto your clothing or skin, 
remove the clothing and fl ush the affected area 
with clean, running cold water immediately. If 
the fl uid burns your skin, seek medical attention 
Never subject batteries to strong shocks or 
continuous vibration.