Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Principal Accessories
Mount adapter
Mount adapter allows the camera to be used with lenses that do not conform to the 
Micro Four Thirds System standard.
 Four Thirds lens adapter (MMF–2)
The camera requires MMF-2 Four Thirds lens adapter to attach Four Thirds lenses. 
Some features, such as autofocus, may not be available.
 OM adapter (MF–2)
Use with existing OLYMPUS OM System lenses. Focus and aperture must be adjusted 
manually. Image stabilization can be used. Input the focal length of the lens being used 
in the camera image stabilization settings.
Remote cable (RM–UC1)
Use when the slightest camera movement can result in blurred pictures, for example 
for macro or bulb photography. The remote cable attaches via the camera USB 
Converter lenses
Converter lenses attach to the camera lens for quick and easy fi sh-eye or macro 
photography. See the OLYMPUS website for information on the lenses that can 
be used.
 Use the appropriate lens attachment for 
SCN mode (f, w, or m).
Macro arm light (MAL–1)
Use to illuminate subjects for macro photography, even at ranges at which vignetting 
would occur with the fl ash.
Microphone set (SEMA–1)
Produces higher-quality recordings than the camera’s built-in microphone. The 
microphone can be placed at a distance from the camera to avoid recording ambient 
sounds or wind noise. Third-party commercial microphones can also be used 
depending on your creative intent (power supplied via 
mm stereo mini-plug).
Electronic viewfi nder (VF-2)
Electronic viewfi nders can be used to view the shooting display. This is convenient 
when you are in a very bright location, such as under direct sunlight, where it is diffi cult 
to view the monitor, or are using the camera at a low angle.
Camera grip
You can replace the camera grip. To remove the grip, unfasten the grip screw.