Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Do not immerse in water or splash with water.
Do not drop or exert strong force on the lens.
Do not hold at the moving part of the lens.
Do not touch the lens surface directly.
Do not touch the contact points directly.
Do not subject to abrupt temperature 
The operating temperature range is –10 °C - 
40 °C (14 °F - 104 °F). Always use within this 
temperature range.
Legal and Other Notices
Olympus makes no representations or 
warranties regarding any damages, or 
benefi t expected by using this unit lawfully, 
or any request from a third person, which 
are caused by the inappropriate use of this 
Olympus makes no representations or 
warranties regarding any damages or any 
benefi t expected by using this unit lawfully 
which are caused by erasing picture data.
Disclaimer of Warranty
Olympus makes no representations or 
warranties, either expressed or implied, by 
or concerning any content of these written 
materials or software, and in no event 
shall be liable for any implied warranty of 
merchantability or fi tness for any particular 
purpose or for any consequential, incidental 
or indirect damages (including but not limited 
to damages for loss of business profi ts, 
business interruption and loss of business 
information) arising from the use or inability 
to use these written materials or software 
or equipment. Some countries do not allow 
the exclusion or limitation of liability for 
consequential or incidental damages, so the 
above limitations may not apply to you.
Olympus reserves all rights to this manual.
Unauthorized photographing or use of 
copyrighted material may violate applicable 
copyright laws. Olympus assumes no 
responsibility for unauthorized photographing, 
use or other acts that infringe upon the rights of 
copyright owners.
Copyright Notice
All rights reserved. No part of these written 
materials or this software may be reproduced 
or used in any form or by any means, electronic 
or mechanical, including photocopying and 
recording or the use of any type of information 
storage and retrieval system, without the prior 
written permission of Olympus. No liability 

is assumed with respect to the use of the 
information contained in these written materials 
or software, or for damages resulting from 
the use of the information contained therein. 
Olympus reserves the right to alter the features 
and contents of this publication or software 
without obligation or advance notice.
FCC Notice
Radio and Television Interference
Changes or modifi cations not expressly 
approved by the manufacturer may void the 
user's authority to operate this equipment. 
This equipment has been tested and found 
to comply with the limits for a Class B digital 
device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC 
Rules. These limits are designed to provide 
reasonable protection against harmful 
interference in a residential installation.
This equipment generates, uses, and can 
radiate radio frequency energy and, if not 
installed and used in accordance with the 
instructions, may cause harmful interference 
to radio communications.
However, there is no guarantee that 
interference will not occur in a particular 
installation. If this equipment does cause 
harmful interference to radio or television 
reception, which can be determined by 
turning the equipment off and on, the user is 
encouraged to try to correct the interference 
by one or more of the following measures:
Adjust or relocate the receiving antenna.
Increase the distance between the 
camera and receiver.
Connect the equipment to an outlet on 
a circuit different from that to which the 
receiver is connected.
Consult your dealer or an experienced 
radio/TV technician for help. Only the 
OLYMPUS-supplied USB cable should 
be used to connect the camera to USB 
enabled personal computers (PC).
Any unauthorized changes or modifi cations to 
this equipment would void the user's authority to 
operate it.
Use Only Dedicated 
Rechargeable Battery and 
Battery Charger
We strongly recommend that you use only the 
genuine Olympus dedicated rechargeable battery 
and battery charger with this camera.
Using a non-genuine rechargeable battery and/or 
battery charger may result in fi re or personal 
injury due to leakage, heating, ignition or damage 
to the battery. Olympus does not assume any 
liability for accidents or damage that may result 
from the use of a battery and/or battery charger 
that are not genuine Olympus accessories.