Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Basic operations
Basic guide
Pressing the shutter button halfway and all the way down
The shutter button has two positions. The act of lightly pressing the shutter button to the 
fi rst position and holding it there is called “pressing the shutter button halfway,” that of 
pressing it all the way down to the second position “pressing the shutter button all (or the 
rest of) the way down.”
Press halfway
Press the rest of 
the way down
Release the shutter.
Taking photographs
Press the shutter button all the way (fully).
The shutter sounds and the picture is 
Press halfway
Press the rest of 
the way down
Recording movies
Release the shutter button and press the 
R button to begin recording.
Press the 
R button again to end recording.
R button
If no operations are performed for a minute, the camera enters “sleep” (stand-by) mode 
to turn off the monitor and to cancel all actions. The camera activates again when you 
touch any button (the shutter button, 
q button, etc.). [Sleep]: g “Customizing camera 
settings” (P. 81)
If the camera is used for extended periods, the temperature of the image pickup 
device will rise and noise and colored fog may appear in images recorded at high ISO 
sensitivities. Choose a lower ISO sensitivity or turn the camera off for a short period.