Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Basic operations
Basic guide
Set the mode dial to A.
After pressing 
Q to display the live guide, use 
FG buttons on the arrow pad to highlight 
an item and press 
Q to select.
Change Color Saturation
Guide item
FG on the arrow pad to choose the level.
If [Shooting Tips] is selected, highlight an item and 
Q to view a description.
Press the shutter button halfway to select.
The effect of the selected level is visible in the display. 
If [Blur Background] or [Express Motions] is selected, 
the display will return to normal, but the selected effect 
will be visible in the fi nal photograph.

Clear & Vivid
Flat & Muted
Level bar
Press the shutter button to shoot.
To clear the live guide from the display, press the 
MENU button.
If [RAW] is currently selected for image quality, image quality will automatically be set to 
Live guide settings are not applied to the RAW copy.
Pictures may appear grainy at some live guide setting levels.
Changes to live guide setting levels may not be visible in the monitor.
The fl ash can not be used with the live guide.
Changes to live guide options cancel previous changes.
Choosing live guide settings that exceed the limits of the camera exposure meters may 
result in pictures that are over- or under-exposed.
In P, A, S, and M modes, live guides can be displayed by pressing the Fn1 button. 
Pictures will be taken using live guide settings. [Button Function]: 
g “Customizing 
camera settings” (P. 81)