Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Basic operations
Basic guide
Playback Mode
Use the touch screen to page through images or zoom in and out.
 Full-Frame Playback
Viewing Additional Images
Slide your fi nger to the left to view later frames, right to 
scroll view earlier frames.
Playback Zoom
Slide the bar up or down to zoom in or out.
Use your fi nger to scroll the display when the picture is 
zoomed in.
F to display Index playback. For calendar 
playback, tap 
F until the calendar is displayed.

 Index/Calendar Playback
Page Ahead/Page Back
Slide your fi nger up to view the next page, down to view 
the previous page.
t or u to choose the number of images 
For single-frame playback, tap 
u until the current 
image is displayed full frame.
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Viewing Images
Tap an image to view it full frame.
The situations in which touch screen operations are not available include the following.
Movie recording/panorama/3D/e-portrait/multiple exposure/bulb photography/multi-view 
display/one-touch white balance dialog/when buttons or dials are in use
In self-timer mode, the timer can be started by tapping the display. Tap again to stop the 
Do not touch the display with your fi ngernails or other sharp objects.
Gloves or monitor covers may interfere with touch screen operation.
Disabling the touch screen. [Touch Screen Settings]: 
g “Customizing camera settings” 
(P. 81)