Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Other shooting options
3D Photography
Take 3D photographs. The results can be viewed on devices that support 3D display. 
The camera monitor can not be used to view images in 3D.
Rotate the mode dial to 
Select [3D Photo] and press 
Press the shutter button to take the fi rst shot 
and keep the shutter button in this position.
Focus and exposure are locked at the values for the 
fi rst shot.
Line up the image.
Move the camera horizontally without rotation until the fi rst shot is 
superimposed on your subject. The camera will take the second shot 
Do not adjust focus or zoom.
If the camera does not take the second shot automatically or if you released the 
shutter button before the second shot was taken, press the shutter button all the way 
down again.
The two images are combined automatically.
If the camera displays the message [3D photo was not created.], take the photograph 
again. The two shots are saved to separate fi les.
Adjusting zoom after the fi rst shot is taken cancels the fi rst shot.
The camera focuses on the subject in the center focus point only.
Image size is fi xed at 1920 × 1080.
3D and manual focus lenses can not be used.
Depending on the lens and camera settings, the 3D effect may not be visible.
The camera will not go to sleep during 3D photography.
RAW photography is not available.
Frame coverage is not 100%.
To retake the photograph after taking the fi rst shot, press 
D. Press Q to save the fi rst 
shot and exit without recording a 3D image.