Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Playback options
Editing still images
Recorded images can be edited and saved as new images.
Display the image to be edited and press 
[RAW Data Edit] is displayed if the picture is a RAW image, [JPEG Edit] if it is a JPEG 
image. If the image was recorded in RAW+JPEG format, the copy that will be edited 
is determined by your choice of [Edit] option.
Select [RAW Data Edit] or [JPEG Edit] and press 
RAW Data 
Create a JPEG copy of a RAW image. The JPEG copy is processed 
using the settings currently stored in the camera. Adjust camera 
settings before choosing this option.
Choose from the following options:
[Shadow Adj]: Brightens a dark backlit subject.
[Redeye Fix]: Reduces the red-eye phenomenon during fl ash shooting.
P]: Use the main dial to choose 
the size of the crop and 
FGHI to 
position the crop.
[Aspect]: Changes the aspect ratio of images from 4:3 (standard) to 
[3:2], [16:9], [6:6], or [3:4]. After changing the aspect ratio, use the 
arrow pad to specify the trimming position.
[Black & White]: Creates black and white images.
[Sepia]: Creates sepia-toned images.
[Saturation]: Sets the color depth. Adjust the color saturation checking 
the picture on the screen.
Q]: Converts the image fi le size to 1280 × 960, 640 × 480, or 
320 × 240. Images with an aspect ratio other than 4:3 (standard) are 
converted to the closest image fi le size.
[e-Portrait]: Makes skin look smooth and translucent. You may not be 
able to compensate depending on the image if face detection fails.
Movies and 3D photos can not be edited.
Red-eye correction may not work depending on the image.
Editing of a JPEG image is not possible in the following cases:
When an image is recorded in RAW, when an image is processed on a PC, when 
there is not enough space in the card memory, when an image is recorded on another 
When resizing ([
Q]) an image, you cannot select a larger number of pixels than was 
originally recorded.
P] and [Aspect] can only be used to edit images with an aspect ratio of 4:3 (standard).