Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Playback options
Connect the camera to the TV using the HDMI mini-cable.
Turn on the TV and switch “INPUT” to “HDMI INPUT”.
Turn on the camera.
For details on changing the input source of the TV, refer to the TV’s instruction manual.
Use an HDMI mini-cable that matches the HDMI mini connector on the camera and the 
HDMI connector on the TV.
When the camera and TV are connected by both an AV cable and an HDMI mini-cable, 
HDMI will take priority.
Depending on the TV’s settings, the displayed images and information may become 
When you connect to a TV via an HDMI mini-cable, you can select the format of the digital 
video signal. Choose a format that matches the input format selected with the TV. 
g “Customizing camera settings” (P. 81)
Priority is given to 1080i HDMI output.
Priority is given to 720p HDMI output.
480p/576p HDMI output. 576p is used when [PAL] is selected for 
[Video Out].
You cannot shoot pictures or movies when the HDMI cable is connected.
Do not connect the camera to other HDMI output devices. Doing so may damage the 
HDMI output is not performed while connected via USB to a computer or printer.
Using the TV remote control
The camera can be operated by a TV remote control when connected to a TV that supports 
HDMI control.
Select [HDMI] in 
c Custom Menu (P. 81) tab U.
Select [HDMI Control] and choose [On].
Operate the camera by using the TV remote control.
You can operate the camera by following the operation guide displayed on the TV.
During single-frame playback, you can display or hide the information display by 
pressing the “Red” button, and display or hide the index display by pressing the 
“Green” button.
Some televisions may not support all features.