Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Customizing camera settings
 U Function,  V Function,  R Function
 [Button Function] 
U Function]/ [V Function]/[R Function]
The following functions can be assigned to the Fn1
/Fn2 and R buttons. The options 
available vary from button to button.
Exposure compensation can be adjusted by rotating a dial when 
the button is pressed.
Press the Fn1 or 
R button to lock focus and exposure.
Press the button to record a movie. If movie recording is not 
currently assigned to a button, movies can be recorded by 
rotating the mode dial to 
n and pressing the shutter button.
Preview (electronic)
Aperture is stopped down to the selected value while the button 
is pressed (P. 51).
The camera measures white balance when the button is pressed 
(P. 44).
Pressing the button selects the AF target position saved with 
P Set Home] (P. 82). The home AF target position is indicated 
by a p icon. Press the button again to return to AF target 
mode. If the camera is turned off when the home position is 
selected, the home position will be reset.
Press the button to select manual focus mode. Press the button 
again to restore the previously selected AF mode.
Press the button to toggle between JPEG and RAW+JPEG 
record modes.
Test Picture
To take a photograph and display it in the monitor without 
recording it to the card, press the shutter button while the Fn1 or 
R button is pressed.
Myset1 – Myset4
Pictures taken while the Fn1 or 
R button is pressed will be shot 
using the settings selected for [Reset/Myset] (P. 35).
Backlit LCD
Press the Fn1
/Fn2 or R button to turn the monitor off. This is 
useful when you are using the electronic viewfi nder. Press the 
button again to turn the monitor on.
IS Mode
Adjust image stabilization settings.
Live Guide
Press the button to display live guides.
Digital Tele-converter
Press the button to turn digital zoom on or off.
No function is assigned to the button.