Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Noise reduction is activated
When shooting night scenes, shutter speeds are slower and noise tends to appear in 
images. The camera activates the noise-reduction process after shooting at slow shutter 
speeds. During which, shooting is not allowed. You can set [Noise Reduct.] to [Off]. 
g “Customizing camera settings” (P. 81)
The date and time has not been set
The camera is used with the settings at the time of purchase
The date and time of the camera is not set when purchased. Set the date and time before 
using the camera. 
g “Setting the date/time” (P. 7)
The battery has been removed from the camera
The date and time settings will be returned to the factory default settings if the camera is 
left without the battery for approximately 1 day. The settings will be cancelled more quickly 
if the battery was only loaded in the camera for a short time before being removed. Before 
taking important pictures, check that the date and time settings are correct.
Set functions are restored to their factory default settings
When you rotate the mode dial or turn off the power in a shooting mode other than P, A, 
S, or M, functions with changes made to their settings are restored to the factory default 
Image taken appears whitish
This may occur when the picture is taken in backlight or semi-backlight conditions. This is 
due to a phenomenon called fl are or ghosting. As far as possible, consider a composition 
where strong light source is not taken in the picture. Flare may occur even when a light 
source is not present in the picture. Use a lens hood to shade the lens from the light source. 
If a lens hood does not have effect, use your hand to shade the lens from the light. 
“Interchangeable lenses” (P. 100)
Unknown bright dot(s) appear on the subject in the picture taken
This may be due to stuck pixel(s) on the image pickup device. Perform [Pixel Mapping]. If the 
problem persists, repeat pixel mapping a few times. 
g “Pixel mapping - Checking the image processing functions” (P. 98)
Functions that cannot be selected from menus
Some items may not be selectable from the menus when using the arrow pad.
Items that cannot be set with the current shooting mode
Items that cannot be set because of an item that has already been set: 
Combination of [j] and [Noise Reduct.], etc.