Olympus E-P3 Introduction Manual (en)

Error codes
Possible cause
Corrective action
No Card
The card is not inserted, or it 
cannot be recognized.
Insert a card or insert a different 
Card Error
There is a problem with the card.
Insert the card again. If the 
problem persists, format the card. 
If the card cannot be formatted, it 
cannot be used.
Write Protect
Writing to the card is prohibited.
The card write-protect switch is 
set to the “LOCK” side. Release 
the switch. (P. 99)
Card Full
The card is full. No more 
pictures can be taken or no 
more information such as print 
reservation can be recorded.
There is no space in the card 
and print reservation or new 
images cannot be recorded.
Replace the card or erase 
unwanted pictures.
Before erasing, download 
important images to a PC.
Clean the contact area of
the card with a dry cloth.
Clean Card
Card Setup
Card cannot be read. Card may 
not have been formatted.
Select [Clean Card], press 
Q and turn off the camera. 
Remove the card and wipe dry 
the metallic surface with a soft, 
dry cloth.
Select [Format][Yes], and then 
Q to format the card. 
Formatting the card erases all 
data on the card.
No Picture
There are no pictures on the 
The card contains no pictures.
Record pictures and play back.
Picture Error
The selected picture cannot be 
displayed for playback due to 
a problem with this picture. Or 
the picture cannot be used for 
playback on this camera.
Use image processing software to 
view the picture on a PC.
If that cannot be done, the image 
fi le is damaged.
The Image Cannot 
Be Edited
Pictures taken with another 
camera cannot be edited on this 
Use image processing software to 
edit the picture.
Picture Error
Images can not be transferred 
between devices that are 
currently receiving or transmitting 
Increase the amount of memory 
available on the card, for example 
by deleting unwanted images, 
or choose a smaller size for the 
images being transmitted.