Olympus fe-300 Introduction Manual (en)

Using OLYMPUS Master
Using OLYMPUS Master
Using the USB cable provided with your camera, you can connect the camera and computer and download 
(transfer) the images to your computer using the OLYMPUS Master software, also provided with the camera.
OLYMPUS Master is a software application for managing your digital images on your computer. Installing it 
on your computer lets you do the following:
Install the OLYMPUS Master software
gP. 36
Connect the camera to the computer using the 
USB cable
gP. 38
Start up the OLYMPUS Master software
gP. 38
Download image files to the computer
gP. 39
Disconnect the camera from the computer
gP. 39
Using OLYMPUS Master
What is OLYMPUS Master?
Prepare the following items before 
Computer that meets the operating 
environment (P. 36).
OLYMPUS Master 2 
USB cable
Download images from the camera or other 
View images and movies
• You can run a slideshow and play back sound.
Manage images
• Manage images in an album or folder. 
Downloaded images are automatically sorted 
by date, allowing you to search for images 
Edit images
• You can rotate images, trim them and change 
the size.
Edit images with the filter and correction 
Print images
• You can easily print images.
Make panoramic images
• You can make panoramic images using 
pictures taken in panorama mode.
Update the version of your camera’s 
For details on other functions and operations, refer 
to the “Help” guide in the OLYMPUS Master 
reference manual.
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