Olympus fe-300 Introduction Manual (en)

Getting to know your camera better
Getting to know your camera better
The battery is not charged
• Charge the battery with the charger.
The battery is temporarily unable to function because of the cold
• Battery performance declines in low temperatures, and the charge may not be sufficient to turn on 
the camera. Remove the battery and warm it by putting it in your pocket for a while.
If the contact area of the card is dirty/dust, data in the card cannot be read and the [CARD SETUP] 
screen appears. In this case, select [xD CARD CLEAN], press 
, remove the card, and then wipe 
the contact area with a soft dry cloth.
The camera is in sleep mode
• To save battery power, the camera automatically goes into sleep mode and the monitor turns off if 
there is no operation for 3 minutes when the camera is turned on. No picture is taken even if the 
shutter button is fully pressed in this mode. Operate the zoom lever or other buttons to restore the 
camera from sleep mode before taking a picture. If the camera is left on for 12 minutes, it 
automatically turns off. Press o to turn the camera on.
The mode dial is in the position of 
• No pictures can be taken when the shooting guide is being displayed. Take pictures after selecting 
the settings by following the shooting guide, or turn the mode dial and set it to a shooting mode other 
The flash is charging
• Wait until the # (flash charge) mark stops blinking before taking the picture.
The camera's internal temperature increases
• With prolonged camera use, the internal temperature may increase, resulting in automatic 
shutdown. If this occurs, remove the battery from the camera and wait until the camera has 
sufficiently cooled. The camera’s external temperature may also increase during use, however this 
is normal and does not indicate malfunction.
The memory gauge is full
• No pictures can be taken when the memory gauge is full. Wait until there is space in the memory 
Shooting tips and information
Tips before you start taking pictures
The camera does not turn on even when a battery is loaded
The card cannot be used
No picture is taken when the shutter button is pressed
a b  c d
Before taking 
any pictures
Maximum reached 
(All lit)
After taking 
one picture
After taking 
several pictures
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