Olympus fe-300 Introduction Manual (en)

Getting to know your camera better
The camera has been used in the same condition from the time of purchase
• No date and time have been set in the camera at the time of purchase. Set the date and time before 
using the camera.
g “Set the date and time” (P. 7), “X Setting the date and time” (P. 28)
The battery has been removed from the camera
• The date and time settings will be returned to the factory default settings if the camera is left without 
the battery for approximately 3 days. If the battery is in the camera for a short period of time, the 
date and time setting will be reset earlier than this. Before taking important pictures, check that the 
date and time settings are correct.
There are several ways to focus, depending on the subject.
When the subject is not in the center of the frame
• Place the subject in the center of the frame, lock the focus on the subject, and then recompose your 
g “Shutter button Shooting pictures/movies” (P. 11)
• Set [AF MODE] to [iESP].
g “AF MODE Changing the focusing area” (P. 21)
The subject is moving quickly
• Focus the camera on a point roughly the same distance away as the subject you want to shoot (by 
pressing the shutter button halfway); and then recompose your picture and wait for the subject to 
enter the frame.
• Under certain types of conditions, it is difficult to focus using auto focus. The green lamp on the 
monitor lights, allowing you to check if the focus is locked.
In these cases, focus (focus lock) on an object with high contrast at the same distance as 
the intended subject, recompose your shot and then take the picture. If the subject has no 
vertical lines, hold the camera vertically and focus the camera using the focus lock function 
by pressing the shutter button halfway, and then return the camera to the horizontal position 
while keeping the button pressed halfway and take the picture.
The date and time have not been set
Shooting tips
Focusing on the subject
Subjects that are difficult to focus on
The green lamp blinks.
The subject cannot be 
brought into focus.
Subject with low 
Subject with an 
extremely bright area 
in the center of the 
Subject without 
vertical lines
Subjects at different 
Fast-moving subject
The subject is not in 
the center of the frame
The green lamp lights, 
but the subject cannot 
be brought into focus.
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