Olympus fe-300 Introduction Manual (en)

Getting to know your camera better
• To return the changed shooting settings to default settings while shooting, set [RESET] to [YES].
g “RESET Changing the shooting functions back to default settings” (P. 19)
• All shooting settings except P mode return to default settings when the camera is turned off.
• Even if [DIS EDIT] is selected, not all blurry pictures can be fixed.
• If the shutter speed is low and/or if the digital image is severely shaken: The recorded 
picture may not be stabilized or cannot acquire the proper stabilization effect. 
• Moving object: The image cannot acquire the proper stabilization effect.
• In addition, the digital image stabilization mode cannot be activated when: 
• the internal memory capacity or the card capacity is insufficient.
• a movie, an image edited on a PC, or an image taken with other camera is selected.
• Depending on the picture, the red-eye may not be fixed. Also, parts except the eye may be fixed.
• When a card has been inserted in the camera, the pictures in the internal memory cannot be played 
back. Pull out the card before operating the camera.
• Press the zoom lever to the W-side to display the pictures as thumbnails (index display).
g “Zoom lever Zooming while shooting/Close-up playback” (P. 15)
• Once sound is added to a picture, it is not possible to erase the sound.  In this case, make a re-
recording with silence.
g “R Adding sound to still pictures” (P. 25)
The size of the picture displayed on a computer screen changes depending on the computer settings. When 
the monitor setting is 1,024 × 768 and you are using Internet Explorer to view a picture with an image size of 
2,048 × 1,536 at 100%; the entire picture cannot be viewed without scrolling. There are several ways you can 
view the entire picture on the computer screen.
View the picture using image browsing software
• Install the OLYMPUS Master 2 software from the provided CD-ROM.
Change the monitor setting
• The icons on the computer desktop may be rearranged. For details on changing the settings on your 
computer, refer to the computer’s instruction manual.
To return the settings of functions to default settings
Playback help and troubleshooting tips
Blurry images cannot be stabilized
The red-eye cannot be fixed
Playback tips
Playing back pictures in the internal memory
Quickly displaying a desired picture
Erasing sound recorded to still pictures
Viewing pictures on a computer
Viewing the entire picture on a computer screen
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