Netgear R6900 - Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router User Manual (en)

Select ADVANCED > USB Functions> ReadySHARE Storage.
The previous figure shows one USB device attached to the router.
To specify a name that is used to access the USB device or devices that are connected to the router, in the
Network/Device Name field, enter a name.
By default, the name is readyshare.
To specify a name for the workgroup that the USB device or devices are members of, in the Workgroup field,
enter a name.
By default, the name is Workgroup. The name works only in an operating system that supports NetBIOS, such
as Microsoft Windows. If you are using a Windows workgroup rather than a domain, the workgroup name is
displayed here.
Enable or disable access methods by selecting or clearing the corresponding check boxes and specifying access
to the storage device as described in the following table.
Share a Storage Device Attached to the Router
Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router Model R6900