Netgear R6900 - Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router User Manual (en)

Below the Service Table, click the Add button.
From the Service Type menu, select service or application to be covered by this rule.
If the service or application does not display in the list, you can add it (see 
 on page 84).
Specify which devices on your LAN (or LAN users) are affected by the rule, based on their IP addresses:
Only This IP Address. Enter the required address in the fields to apply the rule to a single device on your
IP Address Range. Enter the required addresses in the start and end fields to apply the rule to a range of
All IP Addresses. All computers and devices on your LAN are covered by this rule.
By default, the All IP Addresses radio button is selected.
Click the Add button.
The new rule is added to the Service Table on the Block Services page.
Add an Outbound Firewall Rule for a Custom Service or
The router lists many default services and applications that you can use in outbound rules. If the service or application
is not predefined, you can specify a custom service or application in an outbound rule.
Control Access to the Internet
Nighthawk AC1900 Smart WiFi Router Model R6900