Netgear R7800 - Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router User Manual (en)

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 NETGEAR genie App
The power saving mode window displays.
b.  Clear the Enable Power Saving Mode check box and tap the Close button.
When prompted, select a file type.
You can select PhotoVideo, or History record.
A list of files displays.
If no files display, you must set your iOS privacy settings to allow the genie app to access 
your files.
Select a file and tap Done.
The genie app asks you to verify if you want to send the files you selected.
Tap the Send button.
Messages display on the destination device about the file.
Read the messages that display on the destination device for information about how to save 
the file.
If the destination device does not receive the file or folder, restart the 
NETGEAR genie app on both devices and try again.
Enable or Disable the Turbo Transfer Power Saving 
To conserve battery power for your Android or iOS device, the genie app comes with a Turbo 
Transfer power saving feature that is automatically enabled. With the power saving feature 
enabled, other genie devices on your network can only transfer files to this device or access 
media files on this device when you navigate to the Turbo Transfer or My Media page.
Enable or Disable Turbo Transfer Power Saving On an Android 
To enable or disable the turbo transfer power saving feature using the mobile genie 
app for Android devices:
Connect your device to the router’s WiFi network.
Launch the genie app.
The home page displays.
Swipe the home page to the left and tap the Turbo Transfer button 
A list of devices on your network displays.