Netgear R7800 - Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router User Manual (en)

Manage Your WiFi Network 
 NETGEAR genie App
b.  Read the message and tap the OK button.
To enable Parental Controls, slide the Parental Controls slider to the right.
The genie app sends the command to your router and waits for the response. When 
parental controls is turned on, you can view or change the following settings:
Parental Controls. Turns parental controls on or off.
Filtering Level. Contains five levels that can limit access to Internet content: (1) High, 
(2) Moderate, (3) Low, (4) Minimal, and (5) None. You can also select the Custom 
option which displays a list of applications you can block.
Change Custom Settings. Open a web browser and log in to OpenDNS. Then 
choose which categories to block from the category list.
OpenDNS Account. Display the login name. Once the router is managed the first 
time by an OpenDNS user, only that user can manage this router's Parental Controls 
Enable or Disable Parental Controls Locally
After you set up an OpenDNS Account, you can enable or disable Parental Controls from 
your computer or WiFi device.