Netgear R7800 - Nighthawk X4S AC2600 Smart WiFi Router User Manual (en)

Remotely Access Your Router 
 NETGEAR genie App
Manage Your Home Network Remotely Using the genie 
The genie app allows you to remotely access your router and manage its settings. With 
remote access enabled, the following router functions can be managed remotely:
WiFi settings. Access you WiFi network name (SSID) and password. Help your family 
connect to the WiFi home network.
Guest access. Set up guest access remotely. Allow your guests to easily access the 
WiFi home network while ensuring that shared resources such as your ReadySHARE 
USB hard disk drive (HDD) are not accessible.
Network map. Access the network map remotely and see what devices are connected to 
the WiFi home network. You can also allow or block devices from connecting to the WiFi 
home network.
Traffic meter. Access your broadband Internet usage data.
Parental controls. Access and change parental controls easily from anywhere.
To use the remote access feature on the genie app, you need the following:
Latest version of the NETGEAR genie app for your computer or mobile device
If you already installed the genie app, make sure you installed the latest version of the 
genie app. For more information about how to update the genie app, see 
Remote access is currently supported for the following devices:
Windows computer
iOS mobile device
Android mobile device
NETGEAR router with the latest firmware
Remote access is only supported for certain NETGEAR routers. To determine if your 
router supports remote access, see the product data sheet for your router. You can get 
the product data sheet online at 
You need to update your router with the latest firmware version in order to use the remote 
access feature. For more information on how to update your router’s firmware, see your 
router’s user manual. You can get the user manual online at 
Remote access account
To set up remote access with the Windows desktop, iOS, or Android genie app:
Create a remote access account.
For more information about how to create an account, see the following: