Fujifilm FinePix Z90 16125723 Leaflet (en)

Motion Panorama Mode
The FinePix Z90 captures sharp, high-resolution photos and videos, 
suitable for enlarging or displaying on a big screen.
A high-quality Fujinon 5x zoom lens delivers picture-perfect results across the entire 
zoom range. And 28mm wide-angle perspective lets you fit all the fun into every shot.
Forget about fumbling for the shutter button! Simply touch the LCD 
screen to focus and capture images in an instant.
The FinePix Z90 automatically stitches together three consecutive 
shots, with simple in -frame guidance to ensure the images are 
aligned. The resulting image is saved to the memor y card as an 
impressive panorama photo.
Touch & Shoot
Search and share your photos
Simply mark your photos or videos for YouTube
or FACEBOOK in-camera, for effortless uploading of image data 
when the camera is connected to a PC running MyFinePix Studio.*                                                    
 *Included with camera
Edit your images and movies in-camera
YouTube™ / FACEBOOK Uploader
Keep Your Social Networks Up to Date
14 Megapixels
Fujinon 5x Optical Zoom Lens + 
Wide-angle 28mm
Easy Operation with a Single Button
The LCD is flanked by a single button to switch between shooting and display modes. All 
other functions are controlled via icons displayed on the bright, clear touch screen interface.
3.0-inch Touch Screen
Dual Direction GUI
The bright 3.0-inch touch screen lets you frame and view photos with ease and gives 
you lots of room to enjoy playback of images and image search functions.
The FinePix Z90 automatically shifts between landscape and portrait 
views when you turn the camera.
Image Edit
Movie Edit
Built-in software lets you edit and process your photos on-screen. In 
addition to trimming and adjustment of brightness, you can also 
create entertaining face mosaics and collage displays.
Edit your movie segments right on the big, bright LCD screen. In-camera 
Movie Edit software lets you cut and splice with the touch of a finger. 
Capture moments to create memories
Fit Everyon
into the Pic
Conventional Digital Camera (35mm)
FinePix Z90 (28mm)
Dual Direction GUI
Capture all the fun, beautifully, at the touch of a finger.
 *35mm equivalent