Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

 Viewing Pictures on TV
 Viewing Pictures on TV
To show pictures to a group, connect the camera to a TV using an HDMI cable (available separately 
from third-party suppliers; note that the TV can only be used for playback, not shooting).
 Turn the camera off .
 Connect the cable as shown below.
Insert into 
HDMI mini connector
Insert into 
HDMI connector
R Be sure the connectors are fully inserted.
 Tune the television to the HDMI input channel.  See the documentation supplied with the televi-
sion for details.
 Turn the camera on and press 
a button.  The camera monitor turns off  and pictures and movies 
are played back on the TV.  Note that the camera volume controls have no eff ect on sounds played 
on the TV; use the television volume controls to adjust the volume.
R The USB cable can not be used while an HDMI cable is connected.
R Some televisions may briefl y display a black screen when movie playback begins.