Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

Parts of the Camera
    Silent Mode
 Silent Mode
In situations in which camera sounds or lights may 
be unwelcome, press the DISP/BACK button until the 
o icon is displayed (about a second).  The camera 
speaker, fl ash, and AF-assist illuminator/self-timer 
lamp turn off  and fl ash and volume settings can not 
be adjusted (note that silent mode can not be en-
abled or disabled while movie playback is in prog-
ress).  Press the DISP/BACK button again to resume 
normal operation.
 The Selector
 The  Selector
Press the selector up (q), right 
(w), down (e), or left (r) to 
highlight items and press MENU/
 (t) to select.  Pressing the 
selector up (MACRO) during 
shooting displays macro op-
tions (
P 29).
     Control Lock
 Control Lock
To avoid accidentally displaying macro options dur-
ing shooting, press MENU/OK until 
X is displayed.  The 
control can be unlocked by pressing MENU/OK until 
is no longer displayed.
 The Command Dial
 The Command Dial
The command dial can be used to navi-
gate the menus, to view pictures 
P 23), and to select options in the 
quick menu display (
P 32).
Press the center of the command dial 
to zoom in on the focus area selected 
for manual focus (
P 43) or the active 
focus point during playback (
P 24).