Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

Using the Flash
Q Depending on the distance to the subject, some lenses may cast shadows in photos taken with the fl ash.
R Lower the fl ash where fl ash photography is prohibited or to capture natural lighting under dim light.  We also 
recommend that you lower the fl ash when the camera is off  .
R If p is displayed when the shutter button is pressed halfway, the fl ash will fi re when the photo is taken.
R Except in commander mode, the fl ash may fi re several times with each shot.  Do not move the camera until 
shooting is complete.
     Flash Sync Speed
  Flash Sync Speed
The fl ash will synchronize with the shutter at shutter speeds of 1
180 s or slower.
     Optional Flash Units
  Optional Flash Units
The camera can also be used with optional FUJIFILM shoe-mounted fl ash units.  Do not use third-party fl ash 
units that apply over 300 V to the camera hot shoe.