Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

Basic Movie Recording and Playback
Basic Movie Recording and Playback
 Recording High-Defi nition (HD) Movies
Recording High-Defi nition (HD) Movies
The camera can be used to record short high-defi nition movies.  Sound is recorded in stereo via the 
built-in microphone; do not cover the microphone during recording.
 Set aperture to A (for more 
information, see the lens 
16    11    8    5.6    4    2.8 
 Press  the  DRIVE button to 
display drive options.  Press 
the selector up or down to 
F (MOVIE)  and 
press MENU/OK.
 Press the shutter button all 
the way down to start re-
 Press the shutter button all 
the way down again to end 
recording.  Recording ends 
automatically when the 
memory card is full.
R Focus, exposure, and white balance are adjusted 
automatically throughout recording.  The color and 
brightness of the image may vary from those dis-
played before recording begins.
R The indicator lamp lights while movies are being 
Q  The microphone may pick up lens noise and other 
sounds made by the camera during recording.
Q Vertical or horizontal streaks may appear in movies 
containing very bright subjects.  This is normal and 
does not indicate a malfunction.
     The Q Button
  The Q Button
The Q button can be used to view and adjust camera 
settings (
P 32).