Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

 Press  the  DRIVE button to display 
drive options.
 Press the selector up or down to 
choose from frame rates of approxi-
mately  6 fps  (frames  per  second) 
and 3 fps, and press left or right to 
choose the number of shots per 
burst.  Press MENU/OK to proceed 
when settings are complete.
 Press the shutter button halfway to 
 Press the shutter button the rest 
of the way down to start shoot-
ing.  Shooting ends when the shut-
ter button is released, the selected 
number of pictures has been taken, 
or the memory card is full.
R Focus and exposure are determined by the fi rst 
frame in each series.  The fl ash turns off  automati-
cally; the previously-selected fl ash mode is restored 
when burst shooting is turned off  .
R Frame rate varies with shutter speed and may slow 
as more shots are taken.
R Additional time may be required to record pictures 
when shooting ends.
R If fi le numbering reaches 999 before shooting is 
complete, the remaining pictures will be recorded 
to a new folder (
P 84).
R In some drive modes, shooting may not begin if the 
space available on the memory card is insuffi
 Continuous Shooting (Burst Mode)
Continuous Shooting (Burst Mode)
Capture motion in a series of pictures.