Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

Using a Mount Adapter
■ Color Shading Correction
Color (shading) variations be-
tween the center and edges 
of the frame can be adjusted 
separately for each corner.
To use color shading correction, follow the steps 
 Rotate the command dial to choose 
a corner.  The selected corner is indi-
cated by a triangle.
 Use the selector to adjust shading 
until there is no visible diff erence in 
color between the selected corner 
and the center of the image.  Press the selector 
left or right to adjust colors on the cyan–red 
axis, up or down to adjust colors on the blue–
yellow axis.  There are a total of 19 positions 
available on each axis.
R To determine the amount required, adjust color 
shading correction while taking photos of blue sky 
or a sheet of gray paper.
■ Peripheral Illumination Correction
Choose from values between 
–5 and +5.  Choosing positive 
values increases peripheral il-
lumination, while choosing 
negative values reduces pe-
ripheral illumination.  Positive values are recom-
mended for vintage lenses, negative values to 
create the eff ect of images taken with an antique 
lens or a pinhole camera.
R To determine the amount required, adjust periph-
eral illumination correction while taking photos of 
blue sky or a sheet of gray paper.