Fujifilm FUJIFILM X-E1 Owner's Manual (en)

 The Fn Button
 The Fn Button
The role played by the Fn button can be selected using the 
BUTTON option in the shooting menu (
P 71).  The options available 
include multiple exposure (
P 53), depth-of-fi eld preview (P 35), 
sensitivity (
P 41), the self-timer (P 49), image size (P 69),  image 
quality (
P 69), dynamic range (P 70), fi lm simulation (P 51),  white 
balance (
P 39), AF mode (P 72), custom settings (P 67),  movie 
recording (
P 30), and RAW/JPEG toggle (P 59).
R The F Fn BUTTON menu can also be displayed by pressing and holding the Fn button.