Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting Functions > 
Drive (shooting method)
Continuously capture photos while you are pressing [Shutter]. You can 
capture up to 4 photos (Continuous Normal) or 9 photos (Continuous 
) per second.
The noise reduction function is not available when Continuous High is 
The Tracking AF function is available with this option.
You can select up to ISO 25600 when using Continuous Normal or up to  
ISO 6400 when using Continuous High.
When you continuously capture photos, for best results set the shutter speed 
at 1/250 s or higher. If you set the shooting speed at 9 fps in Continuous 
, set the shutter speed at 1/500 s or higher.
Maximum shooting speed is 9 frames per second. It will slow down after 
approx. JPEG 40 shots, RAW 5 shots. (Based on UHS-I SD Card. May vary 
depending on the spec of memory card.)
Consecutively capture up to 10 shots per second (3 seconds), 15 shots per 
second (2 seconds), or 30 shots per second (1 second) when you press 
[Shutter] once. Recommended for shooting the rapid motion of fast 
moving subjects such as racing cars.
To set the shooting speed, in Shooting mode, press [C] 
 Burst, and then 
press [D].
The photo size is set to 7M.
It may take longer to save a photo.
You cannot use the flash with this option.
Shutter speed must be faster than 1/30 second.
Photos captured with this option may be slightly enlarged when saved.
You cannot set an ISO option higher than ISO 6400.
This option cannot be used with the RAW file format. Selecting this option 
will change the photo quality from RAW to JPEG.