Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting Functions > 
Drive (shooting method)
Depth Bracketing
When you press [Shutter], the camera captures 3 consecutive photos, 
each with a different depth of field by adjusting the aperture value. Use 
a tripod to prevent blurry photos as the camera captures three photos 
continuously. You can adjust the settings in the Bracket Settings menu.
This feature is available only in Program or Aperture priority mode.
Bracketing settings
You can set up the options for each bracket function.
To set a bracketing 
In Shooting mode, press [m] 
 select a 
bracketing option, and then press [F] 
 set up the options 
for each bracketing.
* Default
AE Bracket
Set the exposure interval. (-/+ 0.3 EV*, -/+ 0.7 EV
-/+ 1.0 EV-/+ 1.3 EV-/+ 1.7 EV-/+ 2.0 EV,  
-/+ 2.3 EV-/+ 2.7 EV-/+ 3.0 EV)
WB Bracket
Adjust the White Balance interval range of the  
3 bracketed photos. (AB -/+1AB -/+2AB -/+3*,  
MG -/+1MG -/+2MG -/+3)
For example, AB -/+3 adjusts the Amber value plus 
or minus three steps. MG -/+3 adjusts the Magenta 
value the same amount.
P Wiz Bracket
Select the 3 Picture Wizard settings the camera will 
use to capture the 3 bracketed photos.
Depth Bracket
Set the depth interval. Use command dials 1 or 2 
to select an option. You can also drag the slider or 
touch the arrows to select an option.  
(-/+ 0.3-/+ 0.7-/+ 1.0*, -/+ 1.3-/+ 1.7-/+ 2.0,  
-/+ 2.3-/+ 2.7-/+ 3.0)