Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Shooting Functions
Shooting Functions
Shooting Functions
The camera automatically sets the exposure by measuring the levels of 
light from the photo’s composition and the position of a subject. If the 
exposure set by the camera is higher or lower than you expected, you can 
adjust the exposure value manually. The exposure value is adjustable in 
±5 increments. The camera displays the exposure warning in red for each 
step beyond ±5 range. When recording a video, the exposure value is 
adjustable in ±3 increments.
To adjust the exposure value, hold down [B], and then scroll command 
dial 1. You can also adjust the exposure value by pressing [f], and then 
selecting EV.
When you adjust the exposure value in Manual mode, the current shutter 
speed and aperture value do not change. When you adjust the exposure 
value by rotating command dial 1 while holding down [B] with ISO 
sensitivity set to Auto, the camera adjusts the exposure value by changing 
the ISO sensitivity.
Exposure level 
Standard exposure index
Increased exposure  
Decreased exposure  
Exposure warning
Exposure adjustment value
Using Framing Mode
When you adjust the aperture value or shutter speed, the exposure 
changes, so the display may darken. With this function on, the brightness 
of the display is constant regardless of the settings, so you can better 
frame your shot.
To use Framing 
In Shooting mode, press [m] 
 Framing Mode 
an option.
Exposure compensation