Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Learn how to view photo and video thumbnails and how to protect or 
delete files.
If you perform no operations for a while, information and icons on the screen 
disappear. When you press a button or touch the screen, they will reappear.
Viewing photos
Press [y].
The most recent file you captured will be displayed.
Scroll command dial 2 or press [C/F] to scroll through files.
You can also drag the image left or right to move to another file.
You will not be able to edit or play back files that were captured with other 
cameras if the file format sizes or codecs are not supported by your NX500. Use a 
computer or another device to edit or play back these files.
Viewing image thumbnails
To search for photos and videos, change to the thumbnail view. The 
thumbnail view displays multiple images at a time so that you can easily 
look for items you want to find. You can also classify and display files by 
category, such as date or file type.
Scroll command dial 1 to the left to select the thumbnail 
view mode.
(Scroll command dial 1 to the right to return to the previous 
Searching and managing files