Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Enlarging a photo
You can enlarge photos when viewing them in Playback mode. You can 
also use the Trim function to extract the portion of the image displayed on 
the screen and save it as a new file.
Magnified area
Magnification (The maximum 
magnification may differ by 
Full Image
Scroll command dial 1 to the right to enlarge a photo.  
(Scroll command dial 1 to the left to reduce a photo.)
Do this
Move magnified area
Press [D/I/C/F].
Crop the enlarged image
Press [f]. (saved as a new file)
Return to the original image
Press [o].
You can also pinch your fingers together or spread them apart on the screen 
to reduce or enlarge a photo. You can also double-tap an area to enlarge it 
You can scroll through files by scrolling command dial 2, even when a photo 
is enlarged.
Viewing photos