Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Connecting & Transferring
Connecting to a smart phone
Using NFC features in Shooting mode
In Shooting mode, connect a camera and a smart phone by placing the 
NFC antenna of one device near the NFC tag of the other. Press [R] or 
turn on Samsung Camera Manager on the smart phone, and then launch 
MobileLink, Remote Viewfinder, Quick Transfer, or Pro Suggest Market.  
(p. 144, 146, 149)
Using the NFC Feature
Place a smart phone’s NFC antenna near the camera’s NFC tag to connect 
the camera to the smart phone. You can also transfer files to an NFC-
enabled device in Playback mode.
This feature is supported by NFC-enabled smart phones running the Android 
OS. We recommend that you use the latest version. This feature is not 
available for iOS devices.
You should install Samsung Camera Manager on your phone or device before 
using this feature. Download and install Samsung Camera Manager Inst. from 
the Google Play Store to install Samsung Camera Manager. Samsung Camera 
Manager is supported by Android OS 4.2.2 or higher.
To read an NFC tag, place the NFC-enabled device near the camera’s NFC tag 
for more than 2 seconds.
You can set the size for transferred photos by pressing [m], and then 
selecting d 
 MobileLink/NFC Image Size 
 an option.
Do not modify the NFC tag in any way.