Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

Connecting & Transferring > 
Connecting to a smart phone
In Shooting mode, press [R].
Touch  .
If the pop-up message that prompts you to download the 
application appears, select Next.
If you use a Wi-Fi manual connection to connect the camera and a 
smart phone, you can enable the Wi-Fi Privacy lock. (p. 183)
If you use a Wi-Fi manual connection to connect the camera and a 
smart phone, the Bluetooth feature is not available.
On the smart phone, turn on Samsung Camera Manager.
To start the application automatically on an NFC-enabled smart 
phone, turn on the function and place the smart phone near 
the NFC tag (p. 32) on the camera. Verify that the smart phone is 
connected to your camera, and then skip to step 6.
Select the camera from the list on the smart phone.
The smart phone can connect to only one camera at a time.
If the Wi-Fi Privacy lock is enabled and Wi-Fi is connected, enter the 
PIN displayed on the camera into the smart phone.
Controlling the camera remotely with a 
smart phone
Use the Remote Viewfinder feature on your smart phone to control your 
camera and remotely capture a photo or record video.
The Remote Viewfinder feature is supported by smart phones or tablets 
running the Android OS or iOS. (Some features may not be supported by 
some models.) Before using this feature, update the device’s firmware to the 
latest version. If the firmware version is not the most recent, this function may 
not perform properly.
You should install Samsung Camera Manager on your phone or device before 
using this feature. Download and install Samsung Camera Manager Inst. from 
the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store to install Samsung Camera 
Manager. Samsung Camera Manager is supported by Android OS 4.2.2, iOS 
6.1 or higher.
This function is not available when you attach a 3D lens in 3D mode.