Samsung Galaxy NX500 Camera User Manual (en)

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Connecting to a smart phone
Using a smart phone as a remote shutter 
Use the Bluetooth Shutter function in Samsung Camera Manager on the 
smart phone to use the smart phone as a remote shutter for the camera.
This feature is supported by smart phones running the Android OS. We 
recommend that you use the latest version. This feature is not available for 
iOS devices.
You should install Samsung Camera Manager on your phone or device before 
using this feature. Download and install Samsung Camera Manager Inst. from 
the Google Play Store to install Samsung Camera Manager. Samsung Camera 
Manager is supported by Android OS 4.2.2 or higher.
Connect the camera and a smart phone via Bluetooth.
On the smart phone, turn on Samsung Camera Manager.
Select Bluetooth Shutter.
On the smart phone, touch   to capture the photo.
Select Press and touch 
 to capture a single photo each time you 
Select Press & Hold and touch 
 to allow [Shutter] to remain 
pressed. Press 
 again to release [Shutter]. When capturing 
continuous shots or using the Bulb function, select Press & Hold 
and touch 
 to capture photos for the desired time.
 to start recording a video and touch 
 to stop a video.
The ideal distance for a Bluetooth connection between devices may vary, 
depending on your surroundings and your smart phone.
The smart phone must be within 23 ft (7 m) of the camera to use this feature.
The Bluetooth Shutter function will deactivate when:
Either the camera or the smart phone turns off.
The device loses a Bluetooth connection.
The Bluetooth connection is poor or unstable.